Smoke Monster

Made in Blender 2.71, testing out the new volumetric rendering of fluid dynamics in Cycles.

3d Anteater Print

Thanks to the UC Berkeley 3Dreambox, I was finally able to get my fork design printed!

Brain scene re-done

Be sure to view it in HD.

Went back to an old work project and added new jar model, better textures & materials, new lighting & fluid simulation.

Some Fluid Tests

Done in Vray, After Effects and Realflow/Phoenix FD

New Reel + Animation Reporter

Just finished cutting together a new reel, the quicktime .mov can be viewed Here. Right click to save.

In other news, a few months ago my teammates and I got interviewed by Animation Reporter, regarding our winning entry in the GameJam! Competition held at Siggraph in September. The magazine with the interview arrived in the mail a couple of days ago and the scanned article can be viewed Here.

Siggraph 2009 and GameJam!

Just got back from Siggraph this year and my team for the gamejam won best animation and most lifelike character. The competition was to create, rig and animate a character for a sidescrolling game in 24 hours. more info Here

The run animation can be viewed Here


Here's a render of my juicebox animation done for practice.

720x405(9mb): Click here
1280x720(15mb): Click here


Watch Here
Final project for November's compositing class.
Made by Harold Novella and Ben Colbourn.

I was responsible for the lighting, materials, animation and compositing in shake.

Shot breakdown is available Here

Ale Wife

Watch: Here

This was my group project for the month of September. We were instructed to use specific mocap data and design a character and a scene around it.

my responsibilities included the scene concept, materials, cameras, lighting, and rendering.


Ben Colbourn

Resume available in PDF form:


Unreal Tournament 3 level made for my advanced game techniques class.

Made by:
Edwin Brown
Ben Colbourn
Chris Culverwell
Charles Searight

Full map is available here
Youtube walkthrough here

Also, this is an individual project from the previous month's intro to art creation for games class.

Rotary Phone

simple object studio-lit in 3ds max.

Two new animations

These are the result of my Animation Production class.